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The Wedding

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This is one of the most beautiful summers I can remember. Not just because of the great weather – which did put on its best of appearances – but also because my sister got married. And that triggered a chain of beautiful events in my head.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would of course be quite skeptical to any boy my sister would bring home – but I guess many things are different this time around. First of all, it was my big sister who got married and not my little sister; big difference to it being my little sister. Secondly, I have known her husband, Jens, for close to eight years now – and he has more than stood the test of time. I think it’s fair to say that he won the hearts and minds of us.

Bettina and Jens have the most beautiful family; I love them so much. Their children, Mads (four) and Caroline (soon three) jump and yell Uncle Bjorn whenever they see me. Mikkel (7 months) doesn’t quite jump or scream yet, but he does smile. I love playing with them. Please don’t grow up too quickly!

Having the full family – not only Bettina, Jens, and their children – but also my parents, my little sister and brother – together at my parents’ place for a longer period of time has not happened in, well, I think 10 or more years. It was such a magic time we had together in the garden and on the beach, that it’s difficult to describe. I think magic is the right word. Maybe the Wedding helped make it all magic.

Do you remember the age at which you got your first girlfriend? In elementary school, not too serious, but still serious enough to get embarrassed about it. Remember? Well, I remember. I clearly recall a dinner, where my grandparents came to my parents’ place for dinner. My father – naturally – told the group about my girlfriend, and I was so embarrassed. After dinner, my grandfather came to me, put his hands on my shoulders and said: “It’s so much better when people like each other, than when they don’t. It’s nothing to be embarrassed of.”* It put me so much at comfort, and I have never forgotten. And I still agree.

I guess where I’m getting at, is that it’s so much better when people like each other, than when they don’t. And it’s so much better when families are together, than when they’re not.

Bettina and Jens, Mads, Caroline, and Mikkel – you’re magical.

* Being from the Southern part of Jutland, I’m pretty sure my grandfather also linked this beautiful, poetic statement to something about wars – something along the lines: “People who don’t like each other just end up in war.” Well, well.